Museum Folkwang
  • Frank Neubauer
  • Untitled, 2003

  • Untitled
  • Graphit on painted medium density fibreboard
  • Image 100 x 240 cm
  • Acquired in 2010 with support of the Dr. Meyer-Struckmann-Stiftung
  • Inv. C 56/10
  • CommentaryFor his large format drawings, Frank Neubauer uses a felt block to apply graphite powder on fiber board. The board is first grounded with white paint; Neubauer then applies the graphite in horizontal and vertical directions. The result is stripes as wide as the felt block whose intensity depends on the number of repetitions and thus the thickness of the application. In this work, the spectrum ranges from areas that have remained completely white through many gradients of grey to areas that are a gleaming deep black. The horizontal and vertical stripes overlay each other and intersect, resulting in a fabric-like woven structure. The drawing seems interwoven with a fine ›vibration‹, especially in the light areas as it is here the uneven surface structure of the ground applied with a brush shows through the thinner graphite layers. Neubauer’s graphite drawings are Neo-Contructivist works whose austerity is enlivened with a certain playfulness.
  • Provenance2010, Kauf bei, Frank Neubauer
  • Obj_Id: 32,762
  • Obj_Internet_S: ja
  • Obj_Ownership_S (Verantw):Department of Prints and Drawings
  • Obj_SpareNField01_N (Verantw): 186
  • Obj_Creditline_S: Grafische Sammlung
  • Obj_Title1_S: Untitled
  • Obj_Title2_S: Untitled
  • Obj_PartDescription_S (Titelerg):
  • Obj_SpareMField01_M (Alle Titel): Untitled Untitled Ohne Titel
  • Obj_Dating_S: 2003
  • Jahr von: 2,003
  • Jahr bis: 2,003
  • Obj_IdentNr_S: C 56/10
  • Obj_IdentNrSort_S: C 0056/10
  • Obj_Classification_S (Objtyp): Drawing
  • Obj_Crate_S: Image 100 x 240 cm
  • Obj_Material_S:
  • Obj_Technique_S: Graphit on painted medium density fibreboard
  • Obj_SpareSField01_S (Mat./Tech.): Graphit on painted medium density fibreboard
  • Obj_AccNote_S (Erwerb): Acquired in 2010 with support of the Dr. Meyer-Struckmann-Stiftung
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  • Obj_Rights_S: © Frank Neubauer, 2011

2010, Kauf bei, Frank Neubauer